Scripts "All Things Oracle" article on Oracle Live SQL

Scripts "All Things Oracle" article on Oracle Live SQL
Nov 27, 2015 by Gert Poel

I've put the scripts of my All Things Oracle article "About functions, records and result cache" on Oracle Live SQL.  This makes it easier to test the code used in the article.  

I used the employees table from the HR demo schema for my examples which is already available in Live SQL, so you don't have to create anything but the functions used in the scripts.

I've created 4 scripts: 

The links will open the scripts in Live SQL like this:

Underneath the PL/SQL, you can see the result of the statement.
When you want to run the actual statements, you can hit the upper right button "Run Live SQL".
Before you can actual run the script, you'll have to log in using your Oracle account.
Once you're logged in you're able to run or download the script.
When hitting the Run Script button you'll get the message that the script is executed succesfully.
As you can see, with Oracle Live SQL it's easy to share and test scripts.
On Live SQL you'll have your own SQL Worksheet, your own schema to create objects(tables, views, sequences, procedures, functions,...), but you can also use some demo schemas like Human Resources(HR) and Sales History(SH).
And there are already a lot of scripts and tutorials available.