Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional

Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional
May 23, 2016 by Gert Poel

Today I passed my exam for Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional(OCP)... Hurray!

To be honest it was about time I got this exam done.  I'm working with PL/SQL for about 18 years.
I already did the Certified associate exam years ago.  And after that I did the Forms Developer OCP exam and somehow I didn't do the PL/SQL Developer OCP exam.  Until today...

How did I prepare?
Well, that's very simple.  I looked up the exam topics and bought this book: 

This book is great as preparation for the exam.  It handles all topics of the exam and some extra interesting topics about the Oracle 12c database.
And of course I looked into the online documentation, but mainly it was this book.

And if you wonder why you should take such an exam, even if you have a lot of experience.  Well, if your employer is part of the Oracle Partner program, it could be important as they need to have a certain number of certified persons.  But not only for your employer it is important, also for yourself.  You keep up with some of the features you hardly use, you take the time to read about some topics in detail, ... Or just to put some extra badge on your profile.